30 November 2014


السلام عليكم

Disclaimer: People changed. Please do not judge someone by his/her past. Celebrate whom they are today. Lead them to a better future.

Does people still blogs?

السلام عليكم

Accidentally opened a tab of someone's blog and decided to write a post on my own blog instead.

Facing each day, there's always something that I feel I need to blog about. But always ever so reluctant to write it down. Or I tend to procrastinate with micro-blogging i.e Twitter-ing and double tapping pictures on Instagram. What a dull life. 

I know I can do abundance more.

Currently preparing for my seminar,
Now in Second Year! (Yeay? Or noooooooooo?!)
First Professional Exam somewhen in July.

04 March 2014

4 months of silence.

My last post was on 5th November 2013. Well hello 2014.

Kononnya nak "post regularly to document this exhilarating journey". Don't get me wrong, life as a medical student is fun. Just the I didn't make time to write down the experience. Somehow menyesal tak post right after an event. I tend to miss out some details as time pass by :(

In a few hours I'm going to turn 21. TWENTY-ONE!

Terrified: Yes.  Excited: A little. Honestly I don't know what to expect on my birthday.

Far from home. End block exam is in a few days. Not done with studying. Barely sufficient knowledge to face the exam. (I mean both this life and afterlife 'exam')

They say people should mature with age like the wine. The older the wine is, the higher people bid for its price.

Dear Hanie Farhana, please grow up into a beneficial person for your family and ummah. Make your parents & family (who love you so dearly) proud. Enjoy the life. Don't afraid to make mistakes, but avoid repeating it. Gain as much knowledge as possible. Knowledge and health is the ultimate wealth.

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