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4D3N Chiang Mai trip :)

السلام عليكم Below is the itinerary for our 4D3N Muslim family trip to Chiang Mai last May 2016. We had a private local driver/tour gu...

25 May 2016

4D3N Chiang Mai trip :)

السلام عليكم

Below is the itinerary for our 4D3N Muslim family trip to Chiang Mai last May 2016. We had a private local driver/tour guide that we first met at the airport. For airport transfers and visiting all of the places, it cost us a total of 2000 baht.

Day 1
-Arrival, Check-in @ Pornping Hotel
-Anusarn Market (covered bazaar)
-Dinner @ Roummit 2 in Anusarn market (halal local Thai cuisine or noodles) 

Day 2
-Mae Taeng Elephant Park: Elephant show & ride, ox cart riding, long neck village, halal buffet lunch & bamboo rafting (1850baht package per person, 45mins from town) 
-Tiger Kingdom (600baht to enter medium Tiger cage, otw back to town)
-Sunday night bazaar: Cheaper shopping, Mango salad (kerabu mangga) & Mango with sticky rice (pulut mangga) (ride on Song thaw/red truck, 100baht one-way for only 4 of us)

Selfie with tigers: checked!

Mae Tang Elephant park

Feeding the Chang (elephant in Thai)

Kerabu mangga 50 baht
Pulut mangga 50 baht (Sedap sangat!)

 Day 3
-Doi Suthep, honey factory, handmade umbrella craft factory, Thai silk factory
-Lunch @ Taqawa restaurant (halal)
-Night bazaar
-Dinner: @Halal town Hilal Street (Khao Soi: Chiang Mai's curry mee)
-Thai massage (180baht/person for 1 hour)
-Kalare market (free Thai dance performance, also have halal food) 

The famous golden temple
Umbrella factory

Day 4
-Check out 
-Temple hopping: Wat Chedi Luang & Wat Phra Singh 
-Lunch @ Roummit 1 restaurant (halal)
-Depart home 

Wat do you mean? We're in front of Wat Chedi Luang.

Also, do enjoy a video of our trip HERE

Embrace our life as a traveller!


24 May 2016


 السلام عليكم

Retrouvailles (French, n.)
=the happiness of finding or meeting someone after a long time separation.
Oh my it felt ages since I wrote anything in this blog!

I definitely felt different. 

I'm now in my last posting of third year, and in a few months I'll be in year 4! I bet time uses it's supersonic ability to fly around nowadays, so fast!

Being in clinical years definitely teach you a lot about life. 

One thing popped in my mind. I remember while posted in pediatric ward, a mother decided to closed down her kedai makan just to take care of her sickly child. Where as in medical wards (for adult patients), a child could not help to take care of her sickly and ageing mother because no one can take care of the kedai makan. Such irony.


Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers out there!
We love you!

14 September 2015


السلام عليكم
Our muscle is made for movements. If we don't move for a period if time, the muscle will be wasted and  atrophied.
It was our third week of class and we are now divided into respective clinical postings. There are 4 postings, namely Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and  Paediatrics. I got Paeds for my first posting. I didn't saw it coming. I was aiming for IM first as I would like to start difficult as IM is know to be one of the hardest posting. 

I have no idea how to inspect children. And they different anatomy and physiology, and the fact that they can't really express their thoughts were just so intimidating for me.

Paeds' first week of posting was more on more lectures and tutorials compare to other posting which had started their ward rounds and seeing patients. 

Honestly, my first day of posting was a bit 'hambar' to compare to my friends. They would excitedly tell us our day when we would just smile and say, "Kitorang ada intro class je hari ni". And this persist for the whole week.

By the second day, I was so lost. I guess my energy level was meant for the wards and I was sitting at the back listening to lectures. I mean I should be grateful that I don't need to stand for 2 hours, right?

So I decided to join my friends at the O&G floor just to visit some patients to ignite the passion that is slowly thinning away.

First word: Waaaaahhh.

I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

There were so many women with distended tummy, all of them are future mommyyy. 

The neighbouring ward was filled with mommies with their newborns. They were soooo adorable, pure and innocence :')

I got to clerk one patient who will be having her Lower Segmental Caesarian Section (LSCS) the next day. Usually they will undergo LSCS to prevent any complications during labour eg the baby is too big, or the mom is too small to push the baby.

Upon history taking, the mother (who is now is her second pregnancy) was very healthy. She had personally requested for the LSCS, even her first child. She might be afraid of the normal labour. Or she might think it is easier for the 'pantang' process as she is all alone with no mother to take care of her and that her husband is a policeman and will be very busy to take care of her.

Nevertheless, I got to palpate her distended abdomen and I can feel the baby's limbs! It was as if the baby was giving a hi 5! from the fetal world. There, there little ones. The world might be a cruel place to be, but hopefully your presence would make this world a better place to be :)

(Written on 8th September 2015)
Thank you dear friends,
 who was there for me when I went 'meroyan' because I was so atrophied.
During my post-proexam holiday,
I actually went to Japan with a group of friends!
I'll save that story for later!
Wassalam :)


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