04 March 2014

4 months of silence.

My last post was on 5th November 2013. Well hello 2014.

Kononnya nak "post regularly to document this exhilarating journey". Don't get me wrong, life as a medical student is fun. Just the I didn't make time to write down the experience. Somehow menyesal tak post right after an event. I tend to miss out some details as time pass by :(

In a few hours I'm going to turn 21. TWENTY-ONE!

Terrified: Yes.  Excited: A little. Honestly I don't know what to expect on my birthday.

Far from home. End block exam is in a few days. Not done with studying. Barely sufficient knowledge to face the exam. (I mean both this life and afterlife 'exam')

They say people should mature with age like the wine. The older the wine is, the higher people bid for its price.

Dear Hanie Farhana, please grow up into a beneficial person for your family and ummah. Make your parents & family (who love you so dearly) proud. Enjoy the life. Don't afraid to make mistakes, but avoid repeating it. Gain as much knowledge as possible. Knowledge and health is the ultimate wealth.

05 November 2013


Assalamualaikum and greetings! Salam Awal Muharram 1435H :)

It had been almost 2 months since I became a medical students. 9th September 2013 will be a momentous date when we enrolled into Kulliyyah of Medicine, International Islamic University Malaysia.

The first month was quite challenging. During the Taaruf Week (also known as Orientation week), we were briefed by the Dean and Deputy Deans. Somehow we had some obscurity. Are we making a right decision of choosing medicine?! That thought only stayed for a split second. We continued on being excited about going into the medical museum and dissection room.

First week of classes were focus on briefings and introduction on each subjects we will learn soon. Also, there were anatomy classes where we learn about lower limbs with Dr. Ye Tun. Still excited of becoming a medical student, we really studied hard each nights and every free time. By the second week, all of us had gone 'pancit'.

The state of us being 'pancit' was quite hilarious hahaha.

We try to figure out a way out of this exhaustion. There was too much to revise. There were always pre-reading and post-reading. Then you need to focus in class. Thank God there was no homework!

By the third week we barely got our study rhythm. But somehow we survived. Trying really hard to survive fourth week. Fourth week was really my accidentally-doze-in-the-class week. I was really looking like a living dead. With dark circles around my eyes and looking rather lethargic.

Fifth week was the week we really eager to meet. Going back home on that weekend for Eidul Adha. Our holiday was supposed to be a short one that ends on Wednesday, with class  commence on Thursday. Surprisingly, a day before going back home, it was announced that our lecturers postponed our classes on Thursday and Friday in order to give us a one week long holiday. How cool is that?! (Do bear in mind that the longest holiday for the medical students are usually one week at the end of the block but we got it in the middle of the block!)

Posting this post via Blogger for Android. Thats explained a minor difference in the format of this post. Will try to post as frequent as possible. I feel that I need to document this exhilarating journey ;)

22 August 2013


السلام عليكم

I'm bulletproof, Nothing to lose, 
Fire away, Fire away.
Ricochet, you take your aim,
Fire away, Fire away.
You shoot me down, but I won't fall
I am titanium.
You shoot me down, but I won't fall
I am titanium.

Currently listening to the piano cover. Ricochet means a shot or hit that rebounds off a surface. More; (HERE). Titanium is a chemical element which has low density and high strength. It can be as strong as some steels but 45% lighter. It can withstand corrosion against sea water, aqua regia and chlorine. Source: Wikipedia.

The song really builds up the confidence in you. There is this beats and rhythm that just ignites the fire inside you. It makes you feel stronger. I dunno. That is what I felt at times. 

Currently, I don't have any title to put for the "Post title" section. Sometimes you don't plan to do it. Sometimes you don't plan to post anything in your blog. Sometimes you feel that there is a need to do it. But why? Why does it considered a NEED?

I revised myself. I asked ME. "Dear me, why did you make at personal blog at the first the place?". I guess at that time, blog was a hit. Everybody had a blog. And being a normal teenager surrounded with peer pressure, you are influenced to have one. It is a medium to let out what is inside you i.e. what you feel and what you think. However, how expressing yourselves could ease the inner burden, it can somehow lead to external punishment. People can be SOOOOOOOOOOO judgmental at times *rools eyes*

You are responsible of your own actions. 

A blog also lets you to share some crucial tips of surviving the life. But is it surviving or living the life? There was this class where my lecturer drew out the line between surviving the life and living the life. When you want to survive a life that means that there are lots of hardship and you are tend to go beyond boundaries in order to be alive. An example is when you face a shipwreck, you are adrift and alone in the open sea. With confuse mind state and tummy to attend to, you need to be alive to be rescued or at least to be stranded on a lone, inhabited island. In order to survive, you'll try to fish. However, you have no bait. You search for a knife and scrape a layer of the skin of your thumb to make is a bait. This is how you survive the life. (this scene somehow reminds me of the movie 'Life of Pi')

When you try to survive the life you tend to do something that is against your will and what is written in the Quran. In order to survive the so-called glamorous world, you feel that to survive you need to uncover your aurah, to drink intoxicant drinks and to have an unmarried relationship between male and female.

You need to LIVE the LIFE. Allah had created the world for us, not vice versa;

Then We made you successors in the land after them so that We may observe how you will do. Quran, (10:14)

Quran is our map that leads us to Jannah. Enjoin the good and forbid the evil.

There were also times that you wrote something in your blog just to have a some cheap publicity. You feel that it is great to have lots of people reading your blog, to know what you did, what you ate, what you dressed, with whom you were and all that stuffs.

Somehow over this past few months, I felt that I am more mature. Everybody grows right? Last weekend I met my PKTR 2010 clan. I haven't seen them for ages! After a short chat, I felt that everybody changed. They weren't the same person I used to know 2 years ago. They had grown to be someone greater. They had been mold by the fantastic people around them, by the environment, by the  knowledge that is in their heart.

At some point, I have an urge to delete all of my previous posts when I was a younger, less immature person. But, you can't erase you past. That is what makes who you are today. Maybe, just maybe when I have the ample time I will read back all of my old post. Maybe to have a good laugh about it. Hahaha! It also need courage taw. A courage to discover back who you were. To remember the wound which now had became a visible scar.

At last,
 I had an idea for the 'post title': SAIL.
Sail your boat.
There might be storm,
but it is a norm.
A rainbow stayed for awhile,
and that makes you smile.
Wassalam :)
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