05 March 2015

Feeling twenty-two ;)

السلام عليكم

Happy birthday to Hanie! 

Let this be a yearly routine of writing down something on my birthday. 

I just LOVE birthdays, especially mine :P I have this hobby of giving hints and reminding people that my birthday is coming. 

Well, I don't expect a large scale birthday party. But I do hope I can share my excitement and contentment with the people around me. 

I LOVE birthdays since my first birthday cake. When I was too small and my parents need to hold me in their arms and assist me on slicing the cake.

I don't know about you,
But I'm feeling twenty-two. 
Gotta love Taylor for coming up with this song.

14 February 2015


السلام عليكم
Gonna have a little ramble here.
Today is Saturday and while others are enjoying their weekend night out, us, the medical students are facing our textbooks and lecture notes. Also, our morning weekends will be spent in the library. Those are some of the things we sacrifice for the benefits of others.
That was preface.
I just ended my second week of third block. Another block to go and then it's our first professional exam. Each block will consist of 8 weeks of lecture and we'll be learning about different body systems each block. By the way, we have two professional exams that we need to sit. Once in second year, to assess whether we are competent enough to enter clinical years, and later in our fifth and final year, to confirm whether we can graduate with a MBBS scroll in our hands. 
Second year's syllabus is much more fun compare to first year's. During second year is where we learn all the pathologic conditions, and where we can relate our knowledge from first year. I bet clinical years will be even more exciting as we are going to apply and witness everything right before our eyes.
Last block, we've learn about the Gatrointestinal System. One of the best block, personally speaking. We've got a bunch of surgeons came to teach us. They exposed us to the clinical settings and they were so freaking cool. I mean, I enjoyed their class very much.
They inspired me to become a surgeon. I imagine myself holding a scalpel, doing an incision to perform appendectomy. Or even doing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove inflamed gallbladder.
One day, I was sick (couldn't remember why). I couldn't helped it and decided to see the doc for some meds. Somehow I've blurted out I want to be a surgeon. He quickly shook his heads off and said, "Susah tu".
Excuse me doc, but nothing comes easy in life. Who are to judge my dream? You always have to work hard for it. I thought you know that better yourself. Things I should have said to him.
Whatever happens, we always need to work hard and SMART! May Allah grant our prayers, amin :)
Berangan tu percuma,
 realiti perlukan usaha.

02 January 2015

Fresh start; 2015.

السلام عليكم
Happy New Year!
I ponder, why do we actually need a new year? Regardless we are referring to the Masihi or Hijri calendar.
I guess people need that, how should I describe it, a starting-end point? A period of time? A fresh start?
And why do we need to have a resolution, every year? Most of us abandon their resolution by the 7th January anyway.
That's where HOPE comes in the sentence. People who have resolution, HOPE that something will turn out good, HOPE that things will be better, HOPE to be the best.
By having a resolution, we have an aim, a goal (gold?).
Anyway, that was just a random thought.
Done this Facebook year review and scanning through pictures that they randomly picked for me. I realized I did had a wonderful 2014. Lots of things happened in a year, that I've lost my time orientation.
I diagnosed myself of having a minor amnesia. This is a healthy sign because I tend to forget that the scar was a painful scratch and I became oblivious to the agonizing ache.
Why bother about the past, when future is as exciting for a bird to take its first flight. Why fret about the things you lack, when you are drowned in the blessing of our Creator. There is always something to be thankful of.
By the end of 2014, the East Coast was slap by unstoppable rain. Puddles became enraged and intensify their depth. Damp melancholy prevails. Also, a dear friend's father was about to have a CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) and having to see her eyes are all wet while she thought of a father who was never ill.
I do somehow feel relieved having this all write down. The moment when all your neurons start sending it's neurotransmitter towards each other, as saying hello to an old friend whom they miss.
This is all acute inflammation.
A body response to harmful stimuli,
 short duration
 and ends with healing.


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